ESC, Tour De Scheppy Barcelona

In his monthly column, celeb makeup artist Rob Scheppy shares the beauty tricks and tips he's gleaned from around the world. The first stop...España!
Customs Declaration: A red fan
Place of Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Primary Purpose: It is the best way to quickly and effectively dry eyelash glue or adhesive. Fan for 30 seconds on each eye right after applying. Also, it is a great substitute for reducing sweat and shine, rather than having to add more powder to your face (which can make your makeup look cakey) during the hot summer months.
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ESC, Tour De Scheppy BarcelonaSteven Gomillion
Places Visited: Used in a Kim Kardashian photo shoot in 2015, on Hailey Baldwinfor 2015 Met Gala and on backup dancers from Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour
The Story: A few years back while I was visiting Barcelona for work, a friend gifted me this now coveted red fan (I have an obsession with props including masks, dolls and crowns). I was working with a celebrity client at the same time, and there was record-breaking heat.  
While doing my client's makeup for an outdoor shoot, I picked up the red fan and began fanning her to dry her eyelash glue and to keep her face dry without having to add excess powder. It was also an ideal tool because it required no power outlet! Now I travel and use this fan wherever I go. Lucky for you, any fan will work 

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