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Three strikes, you're out?
Co-captain Athena made her third "serious infraction" on Tuesday's episode of LA Clippers Dance Squad when she walked down the "player's hallway."
There are very strict rules when it comes to the dance squad and the LA Clippers basketball players and Athena crossed the line on the episode.
What happened as a result of her misstep?
The squad's creative director Petra Pope called Athena a "f--king liar" and confronted her about the incident.
Take a look at the recap below to find out what else Petra said about Athena and to see more shocking moments from the episode!

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LACDS, Athena, Petra Pope, HannahE!
1. 10 Squad Members Are Chosen to Go to China:
"The Clippers have been invited to play a few games in China and the Clippers Spirit have been invited to go," Petra reveals.
Only 10 squad members can go to China, so Petra and the team's coach Latricehave to decide which ladies to pick.
So who made the cut?
WalesskaKellie, Athena, BernadetteTaylorSharonBrookeBlair, Karissa andTatum.
"I'm disappointed, I really wanted to go," Hannah says when her name isn't called. "It sucks."
"Hearing that I'm not going to China is kinda's such a blow," Natalie says. "It seems like a stupid idea."
Candace also didn't make the cut and she says it's "hard" and "disappointing" but "you come into this job you can't expect anything."

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LACDS, HannahE!
2. Hannah Reveals She's "Hasn't Been Able to Process" Her Breakup:
Before Hannah moved from Louisiana to LA, she ended her long-term relationship with her boyfriend Keegan.
She hasn't been back to Louisiana since her move to LA, but on this episode she decides to take a trip back to her hometown with her squad.
While the 10 squad members head to China, the ladies that weren't selected head to Louisiana with Hannah.
Before they head to Louisiana, Hannah admits that it's going to be "weird" seeing her ex.
"I haven't been able to process like our breakup emotionally," Hannah says. "Just cause I was like, 'Yeah we broke up, OK now I'm moving to California, now I'm practicing, now we've got court rehearsal, then we've got a game. And like I literally have not processed that I'm not with him anymore."
LACDS, HannahE!
3. Hannah Takes the Squad to Visit a Swamp:
The squad arrives in Louisiana and Hannah is ready to show them around!
The first thing Hannah takes the squad to do when they arrive? Visit a swamp!
"I love that we just landed in Louisiana and the first thing Hannah takes us to do is go to a swamp," Savanna jokes.

5. Athena Makes a Serious Mistake:
During the LA Clippers first game in China, Athena is chosen by Petra to do "a lot of the on court appearances."
Athena is "so excited" that Petra chose her, but when it's time to walk to the court, Athena walks down the player's hallway.
"I advise the dancers specifically about which hallways they can access," Petra explains. "There's a general hallway and then there's a players only hallway. It was very clear, Athena decide to ignore that rule and use the player's hallway to access the court."
When Petra is informed about Athena's misstep, Petra says Athena is "full of s--t" because she knew what hallway she was supposed to walk down.
"She's a f--king liar," Petra says.
When Petra confronts Athena, she breaks down in tears, but Petra doesn't let her off easy.
"Athena has had a shaky track record this season," Petra explains. "And now she's done the unthinkable, she intentionally went down player's only hallway and that's a serious infraction. And if I'm counting correctly, she's had three strikes."
Will Athena be fired from the squad?

We'll have to wait and see on next week's episode!
4. Athena & Kellie Have a Heated Argument:
While in China, some of the squad members decide to go to a club and have a good time. But things get extremely uncomfortable when Athena starts smoking hookah.
Take a look at the video above to see Kellie and Athena's heated argument!

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