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Crop tops, cutoffs, flower crowns—sound familiar?
Whether you like it or not, the music festival scene has a pretty specific dress code. With everyone decked out in strikingly similar getups, raise your hand if you're worried about looking unoriginal? To avoid showing up and twinning with everyone else on the planet, shift your focus to beauty.
While Kendall Jenner's rainbow eye (straight off the Fendi runway) is too perfectly painted and hardly practical for carefree (and extra-sweaty) festival life, a version of this will give your look a unique boho twist. 
For the dos and don'ts of festival makeup, boho beauty master Suzie Kim lays it out.
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ESC: Coachella Beauty TutorialJacqueline Lee/E!
"At festivals, you're going to get that glow regardless of sweating, so leave the face makeup minimal with a tinted SPF and focus instead on colorful, low maintenance eyes," recommended the pro.
Boldly Line the Eyes: "The best part about festival makeup is that it doesn't have to be perfect—you're going for that smudged eye effect that only looks better as at wears throughout the day," shared the pro. "To start, thickly line the top and bottom lashes from end to end with a thick stroke of black eyeliner, likeChantecaille Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner in Raven. That outline also anchors the eye shape once you top with shadow," she explained.
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ESC: Coachella Beauty TutorialJacqueline Lee/E!
Pick One Statement Shadow: "Purple hues, like Mac Eye Shadow in Nocturnelle, are a great option because they look good on everyone and aren't too crazy," she said. To apply, use a stubby shadow brush, like Sigma Short Shader, to pack on color right against the eyeliner on the top lid. "Smudging downwards into the eyeliner helps the liner grab the shadow for an all-day hold," she elaborated. Use a clean fluffy brush like Urban Decay Good Karma Crease Brush, to blend the color upwards on the lid. Repeat on the bottom lashline, packing the color directly on top of that liner so that it stays put.
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Give It That Ombré Effect: For a last layer of shadow, blend a neutral bronze or champagne shadow, like Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Champagne Quartz, on the outer edge of the lid for a pop of dimension. "Another trick is to dot the inner corner of your eye with a champagne or white shadow to make eyes really pop," noted the expert.
ESC: Coachella Beauty TutorialJacqueline Lee/E!
Add Geometric Shapes to Personalize: To give your makeup that boho-finishing touch, use dots to create geometric shapes around the eye area. "Have fun with accent colors, like white and pastel blues," said Suzie. For a more wearable version of Kendall's eye, simply take colored liquid eyeliner, like Lime Crime 'Lunar Sea' and 'Blue Milk', and make three dots on the outer corner of the eye to form a triangle. And don't forget to finish with one dot on the inner corner to balance it out.
ESC: Coachella Beauty TutorialJacqueline Lee/E!

Have Fun With It: "If you're more of a neutrals girl, use a bronze shadow, like Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Eye Shadow in 'Golden Snake', instead of purple," shared Suzie, as an alternative. If you're more of a bling girl, swap painted dots for rhinestones, like the ones from Body Bauble. Explore different geometric shapes, too. Triangle, diamond and other simple formations will achieve that boho vibe you're after!

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