Having worked with literally hundreds of men and women over the past fourteen years, there's a few sartorial errors that I see again and again. Although seemingly small things, these mistakes can mean that even with the best of intentions, you will sadly fall short on the style front. I've narrowed it down to five key fashion fails and how to avoid them here:

Wearing a look that's over.

Fashion is a fickle beast, and to be honest much of what we're about at Signature Style transcends it. But it is a very real fact that trends only last a period of time before moving on. Sometimes we see men and women who are a bit stuck with a trend that's now finished. A current example? Tunics and leggings for women and striped shirts or double breasted jackets for men. How do you know if your look is done? Check out a few trendier stores and see what the staff are wearing. Flick through a fashion mag or do a quick google. Even better, get in touch with a stylist and have them help.

Wearing something that's seen better days.

You LOVE it, you wear it a lot. It's your 'go to' piece. It's easy to wear and well, if you're honest, a bit tired. Yes, we all have stuff we wear that is an old friend, maybe it has good memories attached, or perhaps you always get complimented on it. Except when you put it on, you know it's looking a bit sad. Clothes don't last forever. If you wear something tired or worn, it will make you look scruffy, and no one wants to look scruffy. If you've loved it to death, it's time to farewell it.

Choosing it because it was on sale.

Oh, it's true - we all love a bargain! Sadly, something is not a bargain if it ends up forlornly hanging unworn in the back of your wardrobe. Even worse, when you wear it but constantly have to tug at it because it's too small, too big, wrong fit, the colour is bad on you or the style just isn't your friend. Next time you are considering that "bargain" ask yourself if it will work in your wardrobe, does it work for you and do you really love it? If the answer to any of these is no, step away.

Not checking how we look before heading out.

It constantly surprises me how many men and women get dressed each day without the benefit of a full-length mirror. Getting dressed when you only see yourself from the waist, or worse - shoulders up, is a recipe for disaster; full length mirrors are not only cheap, they are essential for preventing sartorial nightmares and ensuring you are projecting the image you want to project.

Trying too hard.

True style is really about knowing what works for all of YOU. That's not just the colours and styles that work best, although that's a great start, but also the garments that work for your lifestyle and who you are.

Wearing clothes that you simply don't feel at all comfortable in is a bad day waiting to happen. While this may not necessarily apply to physical comfort - work wear will unlikely be as comfy as an old pair of trackies - it should feel like you are not only putting your best foot forward, but also be effortless and easy. At the very least your style should fit who YOU are as a person.

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